About Ginger McGregor


My purpose is to not only speak up for those who can’t speak up for themselves but to teach them how to speak up for themselves as well.

MY Mission

My mission is to empower people who are struggling to step out of a toxic cycle of pain, fear, and disempowerment and discover the power within themselves to start creating a life by design. We’re all meant for greatness, and when we’re stopped by our limiting beliefs and attracting those cycles and people into our lives, we can’t see that greatness through the darkness. I work with you to find the pathway through the pain and bring out your light more and more with every session and service.

I believe every woman deserves a chance to redefine her life that sets her soul on fire. The more we can live passionately and purposefully, the easier we discover the spiritual gifts that we are blessed with. Becoming the author of your own story can be a pen you hold easier than you think, and I’m here to show you how to stop losing yourself to your environment and living a voiceless existence.

Working closely together, you’ll start discovering how powerful and captivating your voice is, learn how to embrace and own your inner power and step into the spiritual gifts so you can become the person you were born to be in this world.

my story

I know that all of this is possible, even in the face of the darkest adversities and tribulations. How? Because I went through that same darkness and despair myself. Growing up in a military family throughout my marriage and raising kids, I felt a suffocating feeling of fear, loneliness, voicelessness, and pain. It kept me prisoner for a long time.

My own epiphany came out of nowhere, and that moment changed my life forever. It all started with a choice. A choice to own my truth. A choice to have a voice and let me define me, no one else. A choice to remain committed to my children and whatever came our way, even as my teenager suffered from debilitating and destructive ADHD. And a choice to redefine my life and live it by design.

That freedom can be yours too! Sign up for my services today and start rewriting your own story tomorrow!

my Bio

Ginger McGregor is a Certified Life Purpose Coach helping people just like you step into their power, discover their voice, and write their own stories to begin living a life they love. But that’s only part of the picture. Ginger offers a complete package of coaching, consulting, advocacy, health and wellness solutions, and legal products.

For over 35 years, Ginger has been a health and fitness industry expert; leading the way by helping people incorporate healthier behaviors and eating habits, and do life stronger, fitter, and happier.

Ginger brings a unique and timeless approach to her work as an advocate and consultant. She gained firsthand experience by overcoming the negative traits of ADD by learning to embrace her uniqueness and learning to love herself first. Then helping her teenager, who suffered from debilitating and destructive ADHD, overcome that obstacle to create a happy and healthy life. Raising her children full-time led to her diving headfirst into becoming an advocate for ADHD. She gained firsthand experience by helping her teenager, who suffered from debilitating and destructive ADHD, overcome that obstacle to create a happy and healthy life. Today, she is an expert advocate for teens with ADHD and also serves as a paralegal and can help you navigate the legal mire. She has taught behavior management and organizational skills to help create a healthy self-image and instill personal responsibility for children and adults with ADHD.

Ginger is very passionate about standing up for those who can’t speak for themselves.  She is very devoted to her spiritual life and gifted in prophecy which enables her to help others discover their spiritual gifts.  Her strength is found in her faith and prayer life.  She is a MOTIVATOR, ENCOURAGER, and LEADER FOR CHANGE BY TRANSFORMATION.

Ginger has a heart to serve others and has a long history of volunteer work. From being President and founder of a woman’s political organization to serving in numerous ministry roles.  She has a strong consulting and sales background from her work in advertising, life/health products, and fitness programs.  In addition, Ginger brings her extensive experience of dealing with and working through the tragedies of her own life.  That breadth of experience and all that she has overcome is put into the work she does with her clients as a Certified Life Purpose Coach.

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