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Step into your truth with my immersive public speaking services. Workshops for Organizations, PTA Groups and High School Staff.

Inspire your team with public speaking that delivers. 

My compassionate and engaging public speaking services are designed to add that little extra something to your events. Whether you host a group or want to put on an informative and inspiring event for parents of teens with ADHD, I bring all of my experience and passion into your event and leave your audience inspired, moved, and ready to step into their greatness with purpose and passion.

I’m Ginger McGregor, and for over 35 years, I have been helping people discover the power of living authentically with harmony through health and wellness that brings a deep sense of wholeness in their lives. And I’ve created my line of public speaking services to bring that little extra something to elevate your next event.

Motivational speaking with a twist.

I work closely with every client to deliver a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for their event designed to hit on the message you’re searching for. Leading people into discovering their truth and stepping into their purpose so they can write their own story is what sets my soul on fire.

I curate every public speaking engagement around the goals and desires of your group or organization so that we can create a truly exceptional and immersive experience for every person that participates. Some of the topics that I have experience working in are:

Personal Growth & Success

This series of engagements is designed to inspire conversation around stepping into the person you were born to be and living authentically. During our time together, your team will learn how to step outside of their comfort zone without fear, how to communicate better through understanding and compassion, and how to live their best lives every day.

Freedom and Overcoming Fears

This series is built one of the most uncomfortable yet highly beneficial and transformative speaking series that I offer. Your team will learn why their fears cause them to self-sabotage what’s best for them and how to remind their fear who’s in charge. I’ll teach them steps to identify their fears so they can understand how to take back their power and live life to its fullest—even in the face of great fear.

If you’re ready to elevate your next event and leave everyone moved and inspired to step into their purpose with passion and power, contact me now! I’m here to help you and your team become the authors of your own stories today!

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Our Guarantee

If you truly commit to the process we guarantee that you will walk away with strategies for success**


Workshops For Organizations, PTA Groups And High School Staff. Available in-person or Virtual.

Build Strategies for:

  • Advocacy
  • Identity Issues
  • Procrastination
  • Impulsiveness
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Unlock Potential
  • Create Pathways to Success


Ginger McGregor is kindhearted, positive, and uplifting. The coaching that I received from her was invaluable.
She held space for me to feel all my feelings and come up with my own solutions. I was able to get clear on my goals and create actionable and attainable steps to move forward where I thought I was stuck. Thank you Ginger for being an excellent Life Coach.

Topaz Jones

Ginger is the southern belle you want in your corner! She knows what it means to make space for you, and I mean all the layers you could possibly have. She takes the time to understand who you are as a person while you too are rediscovering it. Ginger will give you the support you didn’t know you needed, while still holding you accountable for the tasks you have set for yourself. There is no cutting corners with her, but that’s what makes working with her so much more worth it. She sees the value in you that you are still learning to uncover. Don’t doubt what she is showing you, because you’ll realize it’s just the reflection that you weren’t ready to see. But when you do, you’ll be thankful for it.


I am pleased to recommend the life coaching services of Ginger McGregor. I was referred to Ginger by a mutual friend, and I approached the process with a bit of skepticism. I did not think of myself as someone who needed such service, but I moved forward with an open mind intrigued by what may lay ahead. After meeting Ginger, it was clear to see that she has a real passion for helping people, and she has a genuine care for people’s stories and positions in life. Furthermore, Ginger has a real talent for making you feel comfortable and confident in expressing yourself. With Ginger’s help, I was able to find new value and purpose in the path I am currently on in my own life. She helped me to identify personal priorities and talents that I possess. I have been able to plan and strive for a life of fulfillment based on those inclinations. I recommend Ginger to anyone looking for direction or clarity in life. She is an open and understanding ear to confide in or share thoughts with.

Jeremy Ochoa

If you’re in search of a coach to help you push past blocks and obstacles, Ginger McGregor is the coach for you! Her coaching style was exactly what I needed to help me address some deeply rooted family issues. She came to every session with a calming spirit that made me feel safe and secure. She was a cheerleader for me! She asked powerful questions that encouraged me how to approach my family issues with compassion and courage. Ginger has helped me to love myself unapologetically and appreciate the unique way that I express my love for others. I always tell her that her coaching helped me take flight and I’m sure it will do the same for you!

Veronica C. Jackson

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