Ginger’s Speaking With A Twist

Let me introduce you to Ginger’s faith-based public speaking! She can keep you on the edge of your seat with her originality while conveying serious ideas on thoughtful, strategic themes. She can communicate faith-based ideas in a way that listeners can easily relate to and grasp. You’ll leave as a different enlightened person, not being the same as when you come in. Ginger’s charisma and charismatic delivery make her speeches unforgettable and impactful. Her talks are thought-provoking and practical, in addition to being instructive. Lives will be forever changed, and burdens lifted.

Public Speaking with Ginger

Engaged Speaking

Whether you host a women’s group or want to put on an informative and inspiring event for parents of teens with ADHD, I bring all my faith-based experience and passion into your event and leave your audience inspired, moved, and ready to step into their greatness with purpose and passion.

I work closely with every client to deliver a unique experience for their event, leading people to discover the importance of implementing our faith on this ADHD journey. He never leaves nor forsakes us but walks with us. Teaching us to use what the world calls disorder can be found in Him as our created uniqueness. The special ingredient that sets you apart. Learning how to walk wisely and shine brightly for His GLORY.

Some of the topics that I have experience working on are:

  • Embrace Your Uniqueness
  • Freedom and Overcoming Fears
  • My Personal Story
  • Overcoming Shame and Negative Identity
  • Developing Your Inner Beauty
  • Protecting Your Teen & Avoid Pitfalls of ADHD

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